究竟人蠢有沒有葯可毉? 八月 16, 2007

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The sound of music 八月 11, 2007

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終于了結了看 The Sound of Music 的心願…  這是我最愛的個音樂劇之一,小時候在明珠台看,但聼不懂歌詞,同學阿蛋不知從哪弄來一卷卡帶, 錄了裏面所有的歌,素質很懷,但是我開心到眼淚都流出來,每天狂聼不止,就這樣,把裏面所有歌都背的滾瓜爛熟。因爲那時候沒有戶聯網這東西, 甚麽都要辛苦去找才會得到,所以每次找到一句歌詞或者一張海報,你都覺得特別珍惜。

幾年前在加州也看過這個劇,非常不錯。 這一次,可是要用‘目定口呆’來形容我的表情,口水也差點流出來。 那個舞臺,怎麽可以做的那麽美!!奧地利的山波是活動的,一塊平臺可以浮在空中,可以變背景,可以放平。修道院有陽光從鉄窗后面照出來長長的影子。 大宅的陽臺后面有夕陽的紅霞。當Maria的主角峰芒畢露,既衝動又冒失,贏了觀衆的笑聲。還有Sister Margarita 唱 ‘Climb every mountain’ 把全場推到最高潮。我也很有衝動站起來跟她一起唱。

明明是個喜劇,但我還是看到很感動,淚水差點沒有滾出來。然後我偷看其他人,才發現感動的不只我一個。不知是因爲歌聲勾起了某些囘億,還是因爲我看到了以前沒有看到的東西。今天明白了甚麽叫‘震人心絃’的歌聲 和‘拍爛手掌’。


母校 . 母校 八月 9, 2007

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今天想寫我的母校,所以特別想用中文來寫。突然心血來潮,去找母校的網站,看到以前老師的照片,看到以前我們穿的校服和運動服,看到了禮堂,壁佈,還有那個, 那個我們最恨的老師和校長..居然都還在那裏…

原來我已經離開了十年了!但是閉上眼睛,好像馬上又囘到那裏,抄工課,傳紙仔,埋堆,發夢,吵吵嚷嚷,聊事逗非,不知多快活。那時候,最愛憧憬未來,經常互看掌紋,看看你將來的老公帥不帥,看看你的生命綫夠不夠長,事業綫夠不夠直,然後有人高呼要當毉生,有人立志要當作家 (那個好像是我…),有人要勇闖政界,有人發夢都要進演藝圈, 大部分人要嫁有錢佬。大概, 沒有人那時候會發誓要當信用卡風險管理吧…

十年後的金天,結果沒有人當毉生,沒有人當作家,沒有人在政界,更沒有人嫁了有錢佬。那….究竟.. 今天大家都在做什麽呢??


Career blues 八月 7, 2007

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Once a while I would be caught by career blues when I felt so lost & helpless about where I am, what I am doing, am I in the right job doing the right thing, what if xyz, that sort of things.  Most of the time it will go away naturally,  it’s just one of those periodical emotional things that bug you.  Wonder if everyone has also gone through this sometimes… (pls tell me yes)..

At the end of the day, nothing has changed, you still have the same deadline to meet, the same problem to solve.  But as lucky as I am, I have my dear friends being there listening to all my periodical ramblings, if not weekly.   


張小嫻 八月 5, 2007

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Used to be a big fan of 張小嫻, loved her books, loved her thinking, loved her style, her stories about  puppy love, about friendship …  all deeply touched my heart as if she knew what I was thinking.  Like the magical relationship between author and reader, I felt she was a close friend and I can always read her books to seek comfort.

Then I forgot since when I stopped reading her books.  Once a while I picked up her new book but then I wasn’t able to finish it.  Her love stories are always sad and helpless, the main charcaters can never end up being together no matter how much they love each other.  Life & relationship are always complicated and out of one’s control.  But.. is the real world really that pessimistic?  Now I think life can be rather simple if you want it to be simple. 

I’ve been reading her blog http://www.amymagazine.com/amyblog/siuhan lately.  and again she has a very grey point of view about relationships, in particular love.  On one hand she believes in love, on the other hand love disappoints her.   

Author still lives in her own imagination, while her readers has grown up.  If you read the comments of her blog, it’s not hard to tell that most of the readers are very young. 


港女 八月 4, 2007

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This is how people typically see HK girl.  However I don’t think any of my friends are like this.  So I really don’t know if HK girls are like this, though this is what everyone says. 




Listen.. you young dudes 八月 2, 2007

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After meeting these young dudes from the graduate program, for the first time in my life, I feel like a ‘big sister’ in the work place.  it’s a strange feeling, because I’ve been the youngest in the team since I started working, then after I came to UK, I am suddenly in the top 50 percentile of my team (10 ppl)!! 

It’s a good feeling to act like a big sister and share your wisdom with the younger folks.  This is what I told them:

1.  I am glad that you have joined this industry.  It provides a very exciting environment for people like yourself who loves to embrace challenge & diversity.

2.  You’re gonna have tremendous learning and opportunities in this team.  You’ll get lots of exposure to senior management & to the different parts of the business.  You will have lots of opportunities in presenting your work & recommendation.

3. After your rotation program, you’ll find yourself very competitive in the job market and i know you are gonna be very successful in your career.

However,  here are really what I think:

1.  You are in the wrong industry, depends on what your goals are, but you might want to consider another part of the bank where you would make much more than this.

2.  You are in the wrong team.. again depends on what you goals are, you should join a team that is not focus on process management & supporting other team.  you won’t get any exposure in this team – people take your credit if you do it right, people blame you if you do it wrong. 

3.  After your rotation program, you probably will stay in this company and become one of us, then tell the younger folks the same bullshit.  so Good luck.